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The Legend of
Coin in a Log

Hidden in the forest near Gwynedd, North Wales, is one of mankind's most enchanting gifts: a “Wishing Tree” created by hammering a Coin in a Log of nearby felled timber.  

A poignant display of Faith in a centuries-old tradition of latent allure.

It was long believed that a hammered Coin in a Log could rid a person of an illness, and that removing such a coin would garner affliction to an ill-fated soul. 

This tradition blossomed into merely piercing the bark, leaving a driven coin in the wood in hopes that a wish may be granted.

The wishing tree lined with coins creates a sense of magic; an offering from those who yearn for something more.

Although a “wishing tree” may just be folklore, it remains true that a Coin in a Log can vivify and embolden your extraordinary story in an unforeseeable future.

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