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Coin in a Log Creative is a documentary production company. Every project is self produced and funded. The Coin in a Log Documentary Team has years of experience field producing documentaries in telling engaging, thoughtful, and emotional stories that are relevant in today's climates. We specialize in short-form, feature-length, and docu-series formats.


Life of a Mushroom: Picked, Prepped, and Eaten

Life of a Mushroom is a documentary film focused on the culinary world of fungi. From farmed to foraged we follow generational mushroom hunters through the wilderness to tell an educational, emotional story that has something for every audience. 


St. Joseph Stockyards

The St. Joseph Stockyards was the last terminal riverfront stockyard in operation until 2021. We dive into the history of the industry and how it helped build the town and surrounding areas. We craft a beautiful story that's filled with nostalgia and hope for the future of cattle.


Hard Work

Hard Work is a docu-series that's been in development for three years. Everyone has a different definition of what hard work means. We look at each definition through the words of farmers and ranchers, school teachers, doctors, Fortune 500 CEO's, athletes, and many more. 



The Ogallala Aquifer is the largest body of water in North America. Who really gets access to it, and how is it utilized? What will happen to the local agriculture once its resources are run dry?

Coin in a Log


All projects are self-funded. We are constantly looking for investors that want to be involved in a story larger than themselves. 

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